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Johan Ekelund - Born 1960

Johan Ekelund is a producer, composer and entertainment industry entrepreneur who co-founded digital media distributor Klicktrack, independent music publisher Kobalt Music and independent record label Diesel Music.
Appointed to the boards of several companies and organizations Johan possesses day to day involvement in all areas of the global music industry. Prior to focusing on business management and creative industries Johan spent 18+ years in the studio working as composer and music producer for artists Lisa Nilsson, Esbjörn Svensson Trio, Mauro Scocco, Peter Jöback, Stina Nordenstam and Ratata.


Tal C Finney

Tal C. Finney Founding Senior Partner at Dongell Lawrence Finney LLP Holding a diploma in international trade, finance, and business law awarded in 1989 at I.S.S.E.C. in Paris, France, and his law degree from Loyola Law School, Tal Finney specializes in business and malpractice litigation, regulatory compliance and enforcement, and corporate transactions.
Tal Finney spent eight years at the highest appointed levels in California state government, resulting in substantial development in his government regulatory and political expertise.
Tal Finney’s political and government experience has spanned more than two decades. While working on a plethora of state, local, and national campaigns throughout the last three decades, he developed a national network of meaningful relationships. He clerked in the United States Congress in the late 1980′s, and began his practice of law at that time. In 1993, Tal Finney was elected Controller, and thereby Chair of the Finance Committee and Business Council, of the statewide California Democratic Party. In 1995, he was appointed by the State Controller to serve as General Counsel and Deputy Controller.
In 1999, Mr. Finney was elevated to the position of Senior Advisor and Director of Policy to the Governor of California. In this capacity, he served as the Governor’s business liaison and point person on numerous statewide projects, including the first Governor’s Aerospace and Commercial Space Summit, the Governor’s Lifescience Initiative.


Poa Strömberg

Poa Strömberg, has been working as a lawyer since 1988. Until 2000 as partner in the Stockholm based Scandinavian law firm Nordia and thereafter through his own business.
Since 2002 has Poa also been in charge of ATN, All Together Now, a business administration company with clients solely in the entertainment industry. In this capacity Poa has represented a major part of the independent production companies in the tv and film industry as well as many artists, directors and writers.
Poa has been executive producer/legal representative for more than 25 feature film.
After having represented Eyeworks in the Scandinavian countries for more than three years Poa joint Eyeworks as MD for the Scandinavian Fiction company with offices in Stockholm and Copenhagen. He also havs the role as legal officer in Scandinavia.


Sverre Sjölander

Sverre Sjölander, was born 1940 in Göteborg Gothenburg, Sweden, gained his Ph.D. in Zoology (animal behaviour) at the University of Stockholm in 1972 and his Doctor of Science in 1976. in Zoology (animal behaviour) at in 1969, full prof. 1981 (University of Linköping (Sweden). As a student, he worked for Konrad Lorenz in Seewiesen (Germany) 1957-59, during the summers. He has worked on the behaviour of fishes at the Swedish west coast and in the Niger delta in Nigeria, as well as in the lab (head of the aquarium the Universities of Stockholm (Sweden), Ibadan (Nigeria), Bielefeld (Germany) and Linköping (Sweden). He has also worked on the ethology of birds, first field studies of loons, in Sweden, Iceland and North Alaska, then on zebra finches (sexual imprinting, in the lab) in Bielefeld (Germany). His latter career has been spent in interdisciplinary work on the biological bases on human behaviour (communication), at the Center for interdisciplinary Research in Bielefeld (Germany) and at the Tema institute at the University of Linköping (Sweden). He has been and still is active as a popularizing lecturer (over 1.500 open lectures), as a translator, and as author of popular books and textbooks.

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