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Ann Olivecrona, FOUNDER

Graduated from school in Ljusdal. Worked at Borås Zoo during the summers from the age of thirteen. At sixteen took a year off from school and went to England and worked at Longleat Safari Park for a year, and went back every summer to work there during the summer for the next four years. Worked at Kolmården Safari Park and helped start it up from 1972-1973. Went to Africa 1973 and worked for Chipperfields in Uganda and Sudan catching animals for their own safari parks until 1975. Studied zoology at the University of Nairobi in Kenya, when it was an Oxford affiliated university, and graduated with a BSc in 1975. Worked in the safari industry until 1983, and then spent the next ten years in the film industry in Africa.Worked as a zoologist at Borås Zoo from 1993 to 1995, when she returned to Africa and ran a chimpanzee sanctuary in Kenya for ten years. Has since then also spent a lot of time rescuing chimps, placing them in sanctuaries in other countries and is now working as a tour guide. Ann is now trying to start a new sanctuary Kenya, and well as working on trying to stop the illegal trade of the Great Apes.


Tom Svensson, Board member

Conservationist that picked up the camera to influence people even more and show what is going on. He is seen as one of the best conservation photographers in the world. He has a strong focus on conservation of species and what people do and can do to stop it. During many years he has work against the illegal trade and poaching around the globe.


He is known for having a unique feeling of portraying animals and magical feel for light in the photos. He has won a lot of prices and awards including a WWF award for his book on illegal trade on wildlife and poaching. He is one of few photographers mainly working on conversation with a hands on approach to make a difference.


He is today Canon Ambassador and Global Manfrotto Ambassador, as these two companies’ shares his view that photos can make a difference. Two companies that have discovered his skill to show what are going on true his photos and his success work with in conservation. He are a frequent guest on TV where he talks about these issues and also meets many politicians to talk about what is going on and has also become ambassador for World animal protection.


Jonna Resmark, Board member

Graduated in 2010 from Ingrid Segerstedts Gymnasium, has since studied courses in African studies and French. She is currently studying International Relations at Gothenburg University.

She has since childhood had a burning interest of animal welfare, in particular for the great apes, thru her aunt Ann Olivecrona. Especially chimpanzees have a place close to hart.


John Ledin, Board member

BSc Cass Business School
Analyst Tenzing AB Capital Markets


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